Welcome to the Ellerton Church Preservation Trust website.

The Priory church of St Mary and St Lawrence at Ellerton, usually known more simply now as Ellerton Church, stands at the far end of Ellerton village in the East Riding of Yorkshire overlooking the vast airy spaces of the Derwent Ings – internationally important flood meadows.

The church stands on the site of a Gilbertine Priory founded c.1203. Made redundant in 1978 following many years of declining congregations, (Ellerton is now part of the parish of nearby Aughton), the building and churchyard fell into considerable disrepair due to lack of maintenance and serious vandalism. The contents were stripped in 1984. Subsequently the windows were all destroyed and sections of the roof fell in, giving generations of pigeons free access to roost and breed inside the church and allowing vigorous elder trees and ivy to take root and flourish within the walls. Slowly, the churchyard reverted to scrubland.

Almost literally on the eve of its planned demolition, this historic building was taken into the protection and ownership of the Ellerton Church Preservation Trust (the ECPT), set up in 1995. Since then, with the enthusiastic help and support of the people of the village and of friends from further afield, and with generous grant-aid from various sources the church has been made whole again and its place in its precious landscape made secure for many more years to come.

We have now almost finished restoring the interior and filling it with furnishings and wonderful stained glass, with the intention that the church will provide a serene and inspiring space for artistic and cultural events as well as a focus for special family celebrations.

To find out more about the complex and fascinating history of Ellerton Priory Church, its rescue and restoration by the ECPT, and the landscape of the Lower Derwent Valley please click on the links on this page. You can also read back copies of the ECPT newsletter, find out about forthcoming events and discover how you can directly support the ongoing restoration of the church and its setting.