Stained Glass

When Ellerton church was rebuilt in the 1840's by John Loughborough Pearson he re-used what remained of the mediaeval glass from the old Priory church. This consisted of eight complete shields of arms of patrons of the church and other notable families, parts of others and many fragments of borders etc. This glass was arranged in the tracery sections of the nave windows. Most of the main parts of the windows were filled with clear diamond shaped quarries with blue or red borders.

Following the church's redundancy and closure in the late 1970's the precious mediaeval glass was removed in 1984 and inserted in a window in the north aisle of Selby Abbey, where it can be seen today.

When the ECPT took ownership of the building in 1995 much of the glass in the windows was very badly damaged. It was decided to retain Pearson's glazing scheme and to repair the existing glass, to incorporate the handful of mediaeval fragments left over from the Selby window, and to commission fine new stained glass to replace that which had been lost.

The following images give glimpses of the treasures now in place in the church ........

. 1.The two west windows contain the last fragments of mediaeval glass at the top, and fragments of Victorian glass at the base

2. S. wall - the tracery section shows the arms of Peter Pace, the current church architect, designed and made by Ann Sotheran FMGP in 2000

3. S. wall - the tracery section shows the arms of the Victorian patron, Revd. Joseph Dunnington Jefferson who funded the rebuilding in the 1840's, designed and made by Helen Whittaker  AMGP in 2001

4. S. wall - the tracery section shows the arms of the Gilbertine Order who founded the mediaeval priory at Ellerton c.1203, designed and made by Alfred Fisher  FMGP in  2004

5. N. wall – the tracery section commemorates Snowden Slights, the last professional wildfowler in Yorkshire, designed and painted by Andrew Anderson, installed in 2007

6. N. wall – two lights by Clayton and Bell, 1882, from the London Repository of Stained Glass installed in 2001
  (7. North wall – two lights to be installed)

8. N. wall – two lights by Percy Bacon & Bros. , from the London Repository,
installed 2002


(9 & 10. Chancel – plain glazed windows)

  (11. Vestry – to be installed)

12. East window – depicting the past, present and future of Ellerton church this window contains many dozens of intricate details reflecting the history and setting of the church, designed and made by Helen Whittaker AMGP and Barley Studios, installed in 2003.